Spirit 70 & Spirit 16

The lightest of our range. Meets the NEW UK SPHG (sub 70 Kg) rules, which is the empty weight of wing, trike with engine and prop including fuel.





Ace Aviation is based in Ooty in India, we are a uk stockist of their sub 70 Trike, what this

means is we have stock ready to purchase, this saves you the trouble of making international payments and then waiting 12 + weeks for delivery.


We are not a dealer and we don’t have any professional knowledge of flex wing trikes so we don’t give any advice regarding manufacturing or flying, what we offer is the ability to come and see the item you are buying and to offer options on engine choice and where to get them, we can also put you in touch with owners who can give some views on flying sub 70 Trikes

The Trikes are supplied fully assembled with wings, you then choose and engine fit it and fly, the recommended Engines are : Vittorazi Moster 25 hp. Black Devil 25 hp. Black Bull 33 hp, we have the Black Devil engines in stock


The Spirit 70 is 175 KG`s Manufacturers all up weight, The  Spirit 16 is 190 KG`s MAUW.


With the new light Spirit 70 or Spirit 16 wing, it is very simple to set up with just a one person coupling of trike to wing.


If you require more information regarding the manufacturing process and any specific details we recommend you speak to John in India direct at